Keep Warm With Style

Heating has never looked better

Designed and developed for the Nordic climate

Mill is founded by the Bryn family. Norway has a rough climate with cold winters. Norwegians spend a lot of time indoors. The family’s vision is to develop heaters that complement a modern home and keep families warm and comfortable.

Scandinavian Design

The Mill family has reinvented the design in the heater category. The minimalist curved shape as well as black and white colors are typical for modern Scandinavian design. This distinct design DNA has become a design icon globally.

smart integration – under development

A new generation of Mill Smart Heaters in Australia and New Zealand will enable families to reduce energy consumption and control their electricity bill.

Efficient Heating

Coming from a cold climate, Mill has become experts in heating. The heaters heat fast and keep you warm in a comfortable way in any climate.


We care for our family, the society and for the climate. Norwegians spend a lot of time together indoors. Mill ensures a cozy and comfortable indoor environment so you can enjoy yourselves with families and friends.

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Mill Panel

Mill panel heaters comes in two different styles; Mill Steel and Mill Glass.

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Mill Convection

Elegant and rapid heating.

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Mill Oil

Oil filled radiators have never looked better.

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Mill Fan Heater

Efficient heating in a small format.

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'Why can't heaters be as pleasing to the eye as everything else we have in our homes?'

– Philip Bryn-Haugland

What heater should I choose?

Mill offers a broad range of heaters suited to different needs. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right heater for your needs.

Panel Heaters

Mill panel heaters provide a comfortable base temperature throughout your home. Choose between 7 different wattages to adjust the temperature to each room. We generally recommend 70-100 watt per square meter. A panel heater can safely be left on while unattended, during the night or while you are away, due to its safe and efficient x-aluminum heating element and relatively low surface temperature.

Oil Filled Heaters

If you are looking for a gentle heating source that does not dry the air, a Mill oil filled radiator is the perfect choice. As the heating element of the radiator is not in direct contact with ambient air, it will not burn dust, nor dry out the air.

Convection Heaters

Mill Convection is a range of highly efficient heaters that provide instant heat as soon as they are turned on. A convection heater is the perfect choice if you want a heater that quickly heats up a room.

Fan Heaters

Do not let the small size of Mill PTC fan heater fool you. This is a powerful heater that will quickly heat up larger rooms.

The gentle PTC heating element has a lower surface temperature than normal fan heaters with heating wires. This means that the heater will burn less dust and not dry the air as regular fan heaters do.

The small size and “cool-to-the-touch” surface makes it easy to move the heater around wherever you need extra heat. The neat design also allows for easy storage during the summer months.

Mill Heaters are now available at Bunnings Warehouse

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